In order to receive your reimbursement each month, you are required to keep daily records of meal service and participants and submit a claim on a monthly basis. You will need to submit your claim by the 2nd of each month. It is imperative to meet this deadline to avoid any delays in our payment to you. CCR accepts only electronically submitted claims. CCR will provide you with a username and password when you sign up for the CACFP. Then, you’ll simply logon to Minute Menu, enter your menus for the month, and electronically submit them to CCR.

Reimbursement Rates

Reimbursement rates for the CACFP are divided into two categories: Tier I and Tier II. All qualified child care providers can receive the standard Tier II rate. To receive the enhanced Tier I rate, providers must qualify based on the income or geographic eligibility of the provider, or the income of the children served. The geographic eligibility of a provider’s neighborhood is based on the number of children in the free and reduced lunch nutrition program at the schools in the area, or the census of the neighborhood.
Below are the reimbursement rates for family or group child care programs, effective July 1, 2016:
Tier I
Breakfast = $1.31
Lunch/Dinner = $2.46
Snack = $0.73
Tier II
Breakfast = $0.48
Lunch/Dinner = $1.49
Snack = $0.20
If you qualify as a Tier II facility, you may still be able to claim Tier I rates for some of the children in your care if they are Tier I eligible as determined by the parents’ income. Parents need to fill out an income eligibility form. Remind parents that this is confidential and only CCR will be reviewing the information and determining eligibility.