Becoming a Provider

In Montana, you can care for up to two unrelated children or all of the children from one family without being licensed. If you want to care for three or more unrelated children, you must be licensed. There are three categories of licensed child care: family child care (six kids / one caregiver), group child care (12 kids / two caregivers) and child care centers (13+ kids / staff-child ratio depends upon the ages of the children).


Child Care Resources offers fingerprinting to child care caregivers. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Filling Vacancies

The families you serve each face lots of choices — what type of care, which facility is the best fit for their child and which works for their family situation. They also need to understand tuition, fees and payment structures. Promote your program!

Professional Development

As a child care provider in Montana you must attend at least sixteen hours of professional development each year. Child Care Resources offers classroom training and online training in a wide range of topics and levels to meet your needs.

Financial Incentives

Quality-rating programs, career development systems, food programs, grants and incentives, awards, scholarships and more.