Becoming a Provider

In Montana, you can care for up to two unrelated children or all of the children from one family without being licensed. If you want to care for three or more unrelated children, you must be licensed. There are three categories of licensed child care: family child care (6 kids / 1 caregiver), group child care (12 kids / 2 caregivers) and child care centers (13+ kids / staff-child ratio depends upon ages of the children).

If you are interested in becoming a child care provider, please visit the Quality Assurance Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to find out the requirements for each type of child care environment.

Call us at CCR if you are thinking about starting a child care business. We can help! We also offer training that is required for all new caregivers.

Part-time programs do not have to be licensed in Montana. Preschools and school-age programs operating a few hours a day or only part of the year are exempt from licensing. Drop-in care also falls in this category.