Filling Vacancies

Parents face lots of choices — What type of care, which facility is the best fit for their child and which works for their family’s situation. They each need to understand tuition, fees and payment structures. Promote your program!

Word of Mouth — Satisfied customers are the very best form of promotion for your program. When you have a vacancy, let your families know. Encourage them to tell their friends and associates.

First Impressions — As with job interviews, first impressions are critical. Pay attention to curb appeal. Parents often drive by child care facilities they are considering before they call. This allows them to determine how easy it will be for them to get to the program and to see the condition of your building, yard and fence.

Parents may call to inquire about your vacancies and to learn more about your program. It’s okay to let them know you’ll have to end the call if the kids need your attention, or that you’ll return their calls after hours — that lets parents know you are attentive to the kids. Share what is special about your program and answer their questions. Invite them to visit.

Building an online presence — is an advertising-supported website to find child care options searched by city or ZIP code. We know the site gets Montana traffic. It includes reviews much like Yelp or Angie’s List; you can make your listing more compelling to parents seeking child care by inviting satisfied customers to comment or write a review.

Updating Rates

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Updating Rates

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