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د ماشوم پاملرنې لپاره تادیه کولو کې مرستې ته اړتیا لرئ؟

موږ اداره کوو

د مونټانا غوره پیل د ماشوم پاملرنې بورسونه

د کم عاید لرونکو کورنیو سره مرسته کول

د ماشوم پاملرنې لګښت پوښي.

مخکې له دې چې تاسو غوښتنه وکړئ، زموږ FAQs وګورئ .

څنګه درخواست وکړئ


که تاسو شخصي کمپیوټر نلرئ، غوره کړئ چې تاسو ته د کاغذ غوښتنلیک ولرئ یا په ساده ډول پوښتنې ولرئ، موږ دلته د مرستې لپاره یو!

موږ ته په 406.728.6446 زنګ ووهئ ترڅو غوښتنلیک ترلاسه کړئ یا د وړتیا متخصص سره خبرې وکړئ.


تاسو ته هم ښه راغلاست ویل کیږي چې زموږ د دفتر لخوا په 2409 Dearborn Ave., Ste. L، Missoula، MT 59801 په هر وخت کې

هیڅ ملاقات ته اړتیا نشته

که تاسو د غوښتنلیک په پروسه کې مرسته غواړئ، کومه پوښتنه لرئ یا نورې سرچینې غواړئ، مهرباني وکړئ بریښنالیک وکړئ یا زموږ د کورنۍ ښکیلتیا متخصص ته زنګ ووهئ.

د نورو معلوماتو لپاره دلته کلیک وکړئ

د مونټانا برنامې لپاره د دولت لومړني وړتیا اړتیاو په شمول (د 3/1/2024 اغیزمن)

  • What are the program’s work / school requirements?
    If you are not receiving TANF benefits, the scholarship requirements vary based on the following: Single-parent household, not attending school, must work a minimum of 60 hours a month, or about 15 hours per week average. Two-parent household, neither parent attending school, must work a minimum of 120 hours per month, or about 30 hours per week between both adults. If you are attending school part or full time, please contact us for eligibility requirements.
  • What is the child support requirement?
    In Montana, eligibility for child care assistance requires you to meet one of the following requirements for any child in the household with an absent parent: Have a compliant case with Montana Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED). Have a parenting plan approved through the courts and signed by a judge. Have evidence of good cause for not pursuing child support. Good cause exemptions may be granted when there is a risk of harm to either you or your child if you were to seek child support from the absent parent, or in cases of rape or incest. Contact Child Care Resources if you have questions about meeting the child support requirement.
  • What will this cost me? (My Investment)
    Income Qualifications: Maximum Income Limits
  • How much will my copayment be?
    If you qualify for the scholarship program, you will pay a copayment based on your household size and gross monthly income, instead of paying the full cost of child care Copayments are determined based on a family’s gross monthly income and family size, and will be between 1% and 9% of your monthly income before deductions such as taxes or benefits Copayment is a monthly payment that is paid directly to your licensed child care provider All copayments must be received by the child care provider in order for eligibility to continue at the time of your annual renewal
  • What does the scholarship cover?
    The Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship is meant to supplement the cost of child care and will not cover your entire child care bill. Any amount that is not paid by the scholarship is your responsibility. This will include your copayment amount, and the difference between the state reimbursement rates and your child care provider’s rates when your provider charges more than the state rates. Your financial responsibility may also include: Days your child care provider bills for holidays. Vacation or sick days when your child care provider is closed. Application or activity fees which are not covered the scholarship program. Click here for more information on state reimbursement rates, or contact your Eligibility Specialist.
  • Where can I find additional forms like the Work Verification or School / Training Verification?
    Supplemental forms can be found here. Please talk to your Eligibility Specialist if you have questions about which forms are needed for your situation.
  • How long is an eligibility period?
    A typical eligibility period for the child care scholarship is one year from the month in which you apply, but there are some circumstances that may make the eligibility period shorter. When you are approved, you will be sent a notice that tells you the dates that you are eligible for assistance.
  • How do I know if I’m approved and what is approved?
    When you are approved, you will be mailed a notice that tells you the dates you are approved for assistance, what your monthly copayment amount is, and the hours of child care that have been authorized under your child care scholarship.
  • What changes need to be reported during my eligibility?
    Any time you have a change in your work or school status or a change of address you must report the change within 10 business days. If you have experienced a job loss, a grace period is available to help you with child care while you look for work. A change in child care provider must be reported within at least one business day in order to avoid a lapse in payment to your new child care provider. Changes cannot be backdated and will start the day the Eligibility Specialist is notified.


Image by Steven Ungermann

د ماشوم پاملرنې کارکوونکی
د بورسونو پروګرام

د ماشوم پاملرنې وړ وړ کارمندانو لپاره د مونټانا روښانه فیوچر زیږون ته پنځه وړیا مرستې (BF B-5) له لارې د یو وخت یوازې د ماشوم پاملرنې مرستې پروګرام شتون لري. تمویل محدود دی او غوښتنلیکونه د لومړي راځي لومړی خدمت پراساس پروسس کیږي.

  • په کورنۍ کې لږ تر لږه یو والدین/سرپرست باید د کارکونکي غړی وي چې په مستقیم ډول د ماشومانو سره د ماشومانو د پاملرنې په مرکز کې کار کوي.

  • د لا زیاتو معلوماتو لپاره د وړتیا د تفصیلي معیارونو لپاره دلته کلیک وکړئ

  • د درخواست کولو لپاره، مهرباني وکړئ غوښتنلیک ډک کړئ او د ماشوم پاملرنې سرچینو ته یې وسپارئ.

Child Care Workers
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